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We believe that clean eating should be accessible, adventurous, and downright delicious. Our philosophy is that we function how we fuel.

Founded in 2018, Fresh Green pairs art and science with creative and conscious, packing flavor into every original recipe. On the heels of a personal health scare, the founder envisioned Fresh Green as the place to quickly customize a wholesome meal without compromising taste or the quality of its unique ingredients. We’re simply putting convenience and benefit at the heart of clean eating.

Fresh Green is on mission to positively influence health and environmental outcomes, in addition to supporting the wellbeing of our communities through organic and responsible sourcing. Our commitment is a collective effort and we are aligned with suppliers and partners who share our core values.

Fresh Green embraces healthy dining, healthy communities, and a healthy environment; reimagined and driving solutions within connected experiences.

“Welcome to Fresh Green. Eat Well, Live Well is not just what we believe, it’s what we do.”

Fresh Green Founder